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Welcome to the Men’s Softball World Cup
As we approach the first pitch of the Tradestaff WBSC Men’s Softball World Cup 2022 we have setup this page to update with any team info so you can stay up to date with what is happening.  Aidan Barrett, from the LOC, will be your main point of contact, if you have any questions please email him on

LOC accommodation is booked from 24th November through to the 5th December, for 22 delegates.  If you are intending on arriving earlier than this or if you have more that 22 delegates, we will aim to accommodate you at the same accommodation at your teams costs for the extra nights and for the extra people over the 22 that we will pay for.  Please advise us as soon as possible to arrange this.  If you would like to stay in alternative accommodation, we can help you find this but the accommodation will be at your own cost.

School visits 
As our community engagement for the event we are preparing a school programme that we are hoping all teams will support.  The plan is to have 24 schools in this programme, of which each team will visit 2 schools in the lead up to the tournament, or during the tournament (at a time that suits the team).  The team can attend both schools as a full team or alternatively the team can split up and half can visit one school and the other half can visit the other school.  We hope you will support us in this initiative and it will be a great way for the team to experience some NZ culture.  All schools are in the Auckland region.  

In return the school will get to come watch a game at the ballpark and cheer on your team.  Please let us know suitable days and times so we can arrange these.

We will be providing each team with 2 mini-vans and a trailer for your equipment for transport.  These vans will be available  to your team from 24 November.  If you arrive earlier than the 24th November and wish to have access to these vans earlier, please let us know.  Note that additional days will be at the cost of the team (costs to be confirmed at a later date).  

Ensure you have let us know if you are comfortable & have team members capable of driving, or whether you will require a driver for the duration of you stay?

Warm up matches 
We will be working with local softball clubs to provide warm-up games for teams that would like this opportunity.  Please let us know if your team would like some warmup matches and ideally when you would like these to take place and we will see what we can organise.  If you prefer to just practice as a team please confirm this as well as we will start to prepare a practice schedule at Rosedale Park.

Practice Fields
There are practice fields at Rosedale Park (tournament venue), please let us know when you are wanting to practice so we can book this in for you.

Event program 
We will be creating a hard copy program for the event and we would like to include images from all teams and their delegates (coaches).  Please keep this in mind with your teams preparations and send through headshot images to us as soon as you have them available.

Tickets – On sale now! 
There are only 400 seats available in the premium seating area behind home plate, so get in quick before these sell out!  With 50% of these already sold, they will not last long.  To avoid disappointment we recommend you secure your seat right behind the action for your fans.  Tickets can be purchased here

If you are travelling from a non-English speaking destination will you require an interpreter for the duration of the tournament? Please let us know & we can look to arrange someone to assist. 

Visa applications 
If you require letters for visa applications please let us know and we can arrange these.  We will need to know the names of the delegates as well as passport numbers to be able to produce this letter.  There is a significant backlog of applications for visa to enter NZ so it is advised that this process is started as soon as possible to ensure that you receive these prior to your travel dates.

Entry to New Zealand - UPDATED 13 Sept 2022

NZ Government made some announcements with regards to the management of COVID-19 in New Zealand.  The announcements were a reflection of the lowest cases and hospitalizations since February so as a country so we are now in the position to move forward.  

As at 13 September 2022 New Zealand will no longer operate under the COVID-19 Protection Framework (also known as the Traffic Light System).  This means the following for our event:

Travel to New Zealand

  • You are no longer required to show proof of vaccination when entering New Zealand.  This includes NZ Citizens and all foreigners entering NZ.
  • However, please check with your airline as they may still require proof of vaccination. 
  • You do not need to take any COVID-19 tests or self-isolate when you arrive in New Zealand. You will get free rapid antigen tests (RATs) at the airport. We encourage you to test the day you arrive and on day 5 or 6 and to report your test result by calling 0800 222 478 and choosing option 3. 
  •  You must still complete the New Zealand Traveler Declaration (and hold a valid NZeTA or visa if required).

 Mask Requirements

  • Mask-wearing is now only required in certain healthcare facilities, such as hospitals.  It is important to still come prepared with masks should this rule change.

If you test positive for COVID-19 you are still required to self-isolate for 7 days, however none of your close contacts are required to do so.  

Click here for Travelling to New Zealand advice

If you are unsure on the process to enter NZ please let us know and we will assist as much as we can.  If you will require a VISA we recommend starting the process early to avoid any delays in getting this approved as it currently takes up to 62 days to process a VISA. 

Any further questions?
If there is anything else at this stage you would like to know please feel free to ask away, we are here to help!

Thank you & we are looking forward to welcoming you to New Zealand & hosting you at the WBSC Men’s Softball World Cup 2022

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There are only 400 seats available in the premium seating area behind home plate, so get in quick before these sell out with 50% of these already sold, they will not last long. Secure your seat right behind the action

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